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Deploy A2i marketing and yield 80% results with 20% effort.

Artificial 2 Human Intelligence ( A2i ) delivers growth oriented data insights & analysis with smartly crafted machine learning framework. A2i allows you to unlock your in-depth marketing potential & opportunities.

With ❤️ from Developers, to the best Marketers

Escape the data clutter. Do-It-Yourself Marketing that harnesses the insights that are relevant to your brand success.

Stop assuming your visibility and watch reality in action.

Hub for understanding the direction of you and your competitors’ marketing activities. OSP gets into action every day to help you answer the following:
  • Where do I rank?
  • Who am I competing with?
  • What are my users searching for?

Structure your SEO meta by inspecting multiple page elements

A mirror of your structural SEO. In-Page allows you to reverse engineer the entire SEO strategy of any given webpage by providing answers for following data on a daily basis.
  • Do crawlers love your page as much as you do?
  • What is your competition up to?
  • How are market leaders thinking?

Stronger the links, better the authority.

LinkSense is built as the most efficient link building mechanism. It is astonishingly simple as you enter a URL and within minutes, the entire link building strategy of the page along with the following metrics will be available for analysis.
  • Check out the best and the worst referrers
  • Identify the spam and eliminate it
  • Witness what’s working out for the forerunners

We have a plan for every stage of your business

Kick starts your first web traffic.
Build long-term strategies.
Manage multiple clients at ease.

Do Search engines love your page?

400+ metrics, 150+ insights for comprehensive webpage SEO analysis

Your Progress is our success Story

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  • In-depth data-metric analysis
  • User-behavior analytics
  • Competitor position tracking
  • Monitor ranks real-time
Icons for usecaseLong Sustenance
  • Deep backlink analysis
  • Monitor historical data
  • Complete website analysis
  • Real-time competitor rank updates
Icons for usecaseMulti Management
  • Meta-Optimization
  • Easy excel & pdf exports
  • Multiple user access
  • Domain-specific campaigns

I was able to mine more than 2000 backlink sources within an hour. The free ones among them really helped me increase my backlinks and scale my Domain authority at no extra cost .

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