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3 Ways Influencer Marketing impact Your SEO

SEO experts perform various manipulated techniques to get immediate ranking on google. You may be successful in the top ranking on the search engine but Google will regularly update their algorithms and penalize the sites which violate their algorithms. So it is very difficult to rank your website by SEO. Here influencer marketing comes into […]

Digital MarketingSubmitted by Abdul Rehaman

The tools for the job – How I code frontend apps in 2020

This is an exciting time to be a coder, especially a javascript one. Not only is the market large, the pay high, but our tooling has never been so powerful, allowing one to build apps and systems at a speed unprecedented. Long are gone the days of my teens trying to painfully hack together a […]

ReactWeb DevelopmentSubmitted by Omar Mohammad

The 25 most recommended programming books of all-time.

Love reading and love reading code? Checkout these amazing books to maybe add to your amazon wishlist, curated by Pierre de Wulf. My personal favorites are also included: The Self-Taught Programmer and Don’t Make Me Think.

ProgrammingSubmitted by Omar Mohammad

How to use RxJS Observables with your React components, because together they are incredible.

2019 has been the year of RxJS, blowing up across the web-dev community with events like rxjs.live and ng-conf. More and more developers are finding out that RxJS is awesome and it is totally worth climbing your way through the somewhat steep learning curve. Angular devs have been using RxJS for a while now. A quick search will […]

JavascriptReactWeb DevelopmentSubmitted by Omar Mohammad

34 Ways To Improve SEO Rankings in 2020

Did you know that the top results on Google have over 33% chance of getting clicked? Also do you know that 75% of people won’t even go to the second page? If organic channel is your bet for website traffic, remember that you can only get leads if someone finds you. And if you are […]

Digital MarketingSubmitted by Rohith Sampathi

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