8 Influential Logo Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

Written by Abdul Rehaman|5 min read|

After setting up the name of a company or organization, the next thing which a brand needs are stunning logo design.

The logo is the most influential thing which clients or any other person sees of any particular organization. Many new visitors are inspired by a well-designed logo, which can convert a visitor to a customer effortlessly. From decades’ logo design is one of the most powerful branding element to helps to attract customers and prospects.

Currently, there are many online and free platforms available in which a user can give its company name and it will design a logo for you. Fortunately, in this post, we are going to share powerful logo design trends that can help you to look like a pro in 2020.

1.Positive Colors

Whether we talk about graphic designing or logo designing we have to use positive or bright colours to hog the spotlight. In other words, a great logo is a combination of brighter colours. A good combination of brighter colours font style can help your logo looks exclusive and visible to the maximum audience. By using bright colours does not mean that the logo will not be interacting with the colours matching with that company. But it will showcase the emotions of the company with your preferred colours of the logo.

2.Flexible Logo Design

The logo design should be flexible in a sense of age groups or target audience. The logo should be designed as every age group person can understand through your logo which companies or organizations want to interact with their customers. Flexibility in sense of showing in different sizes, or on several platforms without any hassle. Designers had to do maximum efforts to do that to bring their logo in the limelight. The logo must be that much flexible that it can convey their message to each and every targeted audience.

3.Simple Logo Design

Simple logo designing has been started in history, and it is still trending. Still, many world’s leading brands are using a simple logo design approach. Many common brands are using a simple logo design to boost their brand awareness in a blink of an eye. Simple logo design helps each and everyone to understand the meaning of the logo easily.

4.Metallic Logo Design

Metallic logo design is not a new thing, these types of logos usually used for the jewellery brands decades ago. But now it is getting popularity day by day. A trendy metallic logo can bring several advantages to leads your brand. Ensure to opt for metallic design to showcase the high class of your brand whether it is designed most simply.

5.3d Gradients

3d gradients are also set as a trend of corporate logo design. It helps us to combine several colour combinations in one object of an image. Designers combine several colours and the best combinations are used in the logo. Consequently, simple logos are created and then implement a combination of several colours on an image. Its helps to represent the brand in a simple and classy manner. The logo will be simply designed and then it will be filled with the mixing of some colours to give a pleasant look.

6.Thin Lines

Thin Lines logos are getting trendy nowadays. Most clients want customers to focus on what is written on a logo. It helped designers to design a logo with thin lines and writes the brand name or anything which the client wants. Thin lines help designers to build a unique identity within a short space as well as write many understandable words in it. Clients are also getting impressed with these types of logos as their main focus is that, customers can read or understand the message of the brand. Many logos are designed by thin lines in 2019, it will be more common in 2020.

7.Overlapping Elements

Many brands are using logos which are using overlapping elements. Overlapping elements in the logo is getting more popular trend day by day. With the usage of overlapping elements, the designer should select the colours in the logo which can be easily visible to the audience. If the usage of colours will not be good, there must be a visibility problem. Many common brands are using overlapping elements in their logo and in 2020 it will be more common, as it looks good with a good colour combination.

8.Corners & Curves

Corners and curves are one of the most important things to control the quality of the logo. For this section of work, we have to integrate the power of geometry to design corners or curves of the logo. These are the most commonly followed trends in logo designing, mostly are followed by graphic designing as it can be a part of a successful branding strategy.

Surely by reading the trends of logo design shared in the above passage any business owner or marketer could easily represent their brand like a pro in 2020.