8 Link building strategies to improve SEO

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Abdul Rehaman7 min read

If you want to generate more traffic to your website or blog, you have to improve the SEO of the website. Link Building strategy is a major part of the SEO. Link Building is not only getting backlinks to your website but also traffic to your website. Follow the below methods to create links to your website.

1 Competitors backlink analysis

What is the need to check your competitor’s backlinks?

It is very important to check the competitor’s backlinks because you have to be in top position. Google often updates its algorithms but if your backlinks are high then there are more chances you can stay on the top. So keep track of the competitor backlinks If they have increased their backlinks try to increase backlinks from high authority sites. Make you have created genuine because google will penalise the low-quality links.

You may find it difficult to find a new source of backlinks. So don’t be disappointed you can easily get data from your competitors. If your competitors are in top position then they may be having good resources of backlinks. It is the best choice to create backlinks to your website.

How to check competitors backlinks?

Follow the below steps:

  1. Define your major competitors. It is very easy, you can search on google for a particular keyword for which you want to rank. The first results to be your competitors.
  2. Add URL of your competitors website in the leadmirror tool. It will provide you with the backlinks data of your competitors.
  3. After getting all backlinks, You have analyse from which source competitors are getting more links and traffic.

Competitive Analysis

  • If the links are from high authority blogs then your competitors working on a guest post in those blogs. 
  • If the links are from high authority websites then your competitors are good at networking. By this analysis, you can also start a plan which will get you more backlinks.

2 Track your website backlinks

Many people spend money and time to get new backlinks from best sites but they forget to track their backlinks.

If you don’t have track your backlinks then it will be of no use. You have to analyse the number of links so that you can have an idea when to stop. You can save and focus on other works. Backlinks are not only the factor to rank your website. You should focus on all the factors. 

You may be having 500 backlinks to your website presently, Every link will be having an expiry date after that the link doesn’t work as a backlink to your website. So you have to track the expiry date of the links. If a particular link is going to expiry you can create another link from that website. It helps you to maintain the backlinks count.

Leadmirror provides you with the expiry date of your links. It will be helpful for your link building.

3 Links of high authority websites

It is good having high authority links in your blog or website. When you have a blog then write an article which signifies the high authority sites.

Example of the articles for high authority sites.

Top 10 Social media blogs

Top 10 companies in the technology industry

In the above articles, you can mention the links for authority sites which also creates trust towards your website. 

You can contact those high authority blogs and companies for sharing this content with their clients so that it creates brand awareness of their blogs or websites. By this, You will get a backlink to your blog.

4 Links from Guest Blogging

Nowadays every company website is having blogs for getting more traffic.

But, how many companies are really benefited by these blogs? If you have good quality contact writers then you can generate more content and lots of links to authority sites.

Guest blogging is allowed in almost every blog it will be benefited for blog and writer. If the content is the blog has more views then the author will get more exposure and the company will get more traffic to their website.

If you want to get more traffic through your blog then you can share the blog on social media. It is a wonderful channel where you will more audience for your blog content. 

If your blog as a really great content then other websites also interested to link their website with your blog. It will increase the trustworthiness of your blog.

What should you do get a backlink from high authority sites?

As I told you every website is having a blog. Just got to top blog and consider pitching your idea for guest posting on their blog.

Before pitching an idea you have to analyse the following

  • Analyse the type of visitors to the blog
  • Analyse the most trending articles in the blog
  • Analyse the blog niche

If you succeed in practising the above factors then it will be easy to get backlinks and traffic to your website.

5 Social media backlinks

Social media is having a huge audience and can generate more links for your website. If you are having an account in the social try to be active by regular posts, images and updates.

It will help your audience remember and interested to share your post to others. By this, you will get backlinks to your website.

When you have more followers and likes to your posts, It is very easy for you to reach the target audience in very less time.

6. Broken Links

Broken link or dead links are links which no longer exists or working.


  • The website may be closed
  • The webpage moved without redirect added (404 error)
  • Changes in the URL structure

Find out the broken links of your website. Update to the google as it is a broken link or add a web page to the link. So that the links which are pointed to that website will remain the same.

7 Business Directories 

These directories are helpful for your business. You can only place nofollow links on these websites. This helps you to increase website ranking on the search engine.

Directories are also helpful to get traffic to your website. While posting in directories mention your company address, name, link, etc.

8.Forum and blogs

It is a very common strategy. Whenever you want to increase your backlinks. You can directly find the forum and blogs which accept free posting on their sites. 

But according to new Google algorithm irrelevant links from forums are considered as spam. It will affect your ranking. So while added links on these websites make sure by adding relevant to your link. Google considered as relevant for your website.

All links in the forums are nofollow links. It has been considered as a backlink to your website. You can also create backlinks by comments in the blogs. Whenever you read a blog which relates to your website, add a comment with some content and link of your website.


The above strategies are the major one in the link building. I hope it will help you in improving SEO and generate more traffic to your website. If you considered any other method to be mentioned in the article, Feel free to mention in comments.