Ever thought that analytics could be worth a fortune?

Written by Bhushan|2 min read|

Now I am not talking about business intelligence software or some secret sauce scoring model, I am talking about good old fashioned analytic support decision support as it was known in 1990.

It is a service for which most companies have a need. Their model hasn’t worked for a long time. They don’t understand their business. Their reports say different things on different days. They spend endless meetings arguing over whether they have an X problem or a data problem or both.

They need data handyman to fix their entire shitpile. They need a data doctor to prescribe a treatment plan. They need an analytic trainer to put their company on an active path.

But what they prefer to buy are solutions — marketing attribution solutions, SEO solutions, anything that you can put a pretty bow on. It is sexy. It fits in a box. They can explain it.

Failing that, they hire a full-time data scientist. Oddly, they can’t really define that and it doesn’t really fit in a box, but maybe with a bow-tie and some geek-chic, it qualifies. It feels good for a few weeks.

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Your great grandparents only ever saw one doctor, likely died in their 60’s. Your grandfather had one mechanic if he didn’t fix the car himself. Their data scientist will fair no better.

So how does one break through all of this? Do you have to be crazy to sell analytics?

How do you tell the CEO that he needs to stop pretending he can fix his own car? That their organization’s structure is every bit like their own? You don’t hire a single doctor to come to live in your home.

Analytics is a service. It is a discipline. 

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