How to Create Traffic to a New Website

Written by Gladys Nyokabi|6 min read|

Starting a website is a breeze. You only need to register your domain name and you’ll be good to go. However, it could be a long time before anyone starts to view your content.

With more than a billion sites on the web, getting attention from users is way more difficult than it was a few years ago. 

Nonetheless, some sites pick up so fast. Ever wondered why? Well, it’s all about strategy. You have all the tools to create traffic to your site at your disposal. All you need to learn is how to use them.  Here are a few tips that can help:

Create Engaging Content

With all the options that readers have to choose from online, it is almost impossible for them to settle for something boring. Your content should draw people to your site and make them want to visit it again. 

Coming up with engaging content should not be hard. You need to understand your potential readers’ needs. Put yourself in their shoes and come up with something that resonates with them. 

The first thing that will determine whether or not you will have any readers is your headline.  Since it appears on the search results page, your headline should give your target audience a reason to click on your webpage. In a few words, create a topic that lets people know what they will find on your site. 

Share Your Content with Friends

Do not underestimate your friends’ ability to help you build traffic. If you create impressive content, they could share it with other people and increase your views significantly. 

Once you start your site, make your friends your priority. Remember to keep sending them links each time you post something. 

Use Social Media to Get an Audience

If you have a website, you should take advantage of social media to boost your views.  Once you post new content, share the link on social media. You could get new visitors to your site each time you post as well as regular readers if they find your content interesting. 

Besides, you can add a share button to your site. This may get your audience to share your work on their social media accounts. 

Be Consistent

Once you build a relationship with an audience -no matter how small- you should post your content consistently. Having regular visitors to your website can be a huge boost to your website’s traffic. 

If people keep coming back to view your content, it could be because they are invested in what you post. Therefore, it would be wise to ensure you don’t take too long to post something. Remember, however, that quality is much more valuable than consistency. Be sure to keep creating superb content. Otherwise, you may lose some of your regular readers. 

Publish Guest Posts

You can get people to pay attention to your website by offering to help other bloggers. Make your website open to free guest posts and let other bloggers in your line of business get you the traffic you need. 

Accommodating content from other content creators will help make your website known to a larger audience.  Your guest bloggers will get you more traffic by directing their target audience to your website. 

Besides, you too can be a guest blogger. Find a website that will have you and post an article. You can use this platform to share links to your website. This way, you get to subtly advertise your site while creating traffic for your host. 

Add Internal Links

As you look for resources to increase your traffic, don’t forget that you can use your website too.  Once you have posted several articles on your site, you will be able to link them to each other. 

Linking to other articles on your site will keep your audience from having to leave to access related information.  Besides, internal links will help you show your readers that you have everything they need on your site. What better way to keep them satisfied than this?

Use Incentives

If you want your readers to keep coming back, you can use more than just your content to attract them. Since they can find the information or product you are offering someplace else, a good way to gain their loyalty would be the use of incentives. 

So, what exactly can you offer in addition to your content? This all depends on your kind of business. For instance, if you have a sports betting website, you can give a free bonus for every five bets a user places. 

Get Your SEO Right

Now that you have found ways to attract people to your site, you can focus on getting search engines to notice you. SEO will improve the visibility of your website on search results pages. Imagine the number of people that would visit your site if it was on the first page of search results. The good news is that you can achieve this with the right SEO strategy. Focus on these SEO aspects:

  • Keywords

As you will come to learn as your website grows, your choice of keywords will have a great impact on your website’s traffic. Keywords allow search engines to figure out what message you intend to convey. Therefore, you need adequate information on the words or phrases that search engines respond to the most. 

You can find out what keywords suit your website using LeadMirror. This tool will give you an analysis of the best performing keywords in your business. Besides, it assesses your competition’s usage of the phrases and words. 

organic sense
  • URL 

The quality of your URL will determine how easily search engines find your site. Therefore, you need to come up with a link that clearly portrays what your site contains. 

Using a link-building tool can guide you to the ideal URL structure for your website. Get LeadMirror to access link-building services from Link-Sense. 

Link-Sense offers URL-customization services to ensure that your website link gets you an audience. You can use the tool to create URLs for PCs and mobile phones and maximize your audience reach. 

Link Sense

You can now stop putting off starting your website. Take the first step and use these tips to get the attention you want. LeadMirror is here for you every step of the way, so why not give us a try?