How to find new customers and clients

Written by Nimisha|4 min read|

One of the toughest tasks for a home business owner is getting those first few customers or clients.

In fact, even seasoned business owners sometimes find it hard to get enough clients or customers.

Generating business clients or customers takes time, Instead, speed up the process by prospecting, and guide those customers and clients toward a sale.

Many potential customers won’t be buying it from you on their first contact, so develop a plan to stay in touch with them until they are ready. 

STEP 1: Pick the right audience. 

You will definitely save time and money by marketing to those who not only want what you have, but they would be willing to buy it. But too many business owners don’t take time to pick their right audience. They try to send their message to the entire world which misses the mark.

Identify the effective method of marketing to identify the potential customers of your service. What’s their age? Their gender? Their background? 

This makes it easier to find them and deliver a message to these targeted audiences. 

So, don’t waste time and money finding and trying to sell to the non-targeted audience. 

STEP 2: Build a Potential Customers list

When you throw a party at your place, you will need a guest list, right? Likewise, you can’t run a business without preparing the list of potential customers. 

Listing down definitely helps. Below are the other sources to get started: 

Contacts: Friends and family are the most likely ones to buy from you. Or, if they don’t want to buy your product, get to know someone who would be willing to buy your product/service. 

Existing customers: Selling to an existing customer is an easy job than generating a new one. Call them and ask for their feedback. Do they need more of your service? This would help us to generate new ones. 

Referrals: Your friends, family, existing customers can help you with this. Call them up and see if they know anyone who needs your product/ service. 

Make a deal with them by offering a referral incentive. 

Internet research: Social media is a great way to connect with your potential clients. Go online and search for the ideal client. It works well for doing local searches of businesses you want to work with. 

Showcase at events: Events allows you to build a contact list. They are a great way to build a network with other people to generate new clients through an exhibit if you sell to the B2C. 

Speaking: Head to a conference or plan to set up your own workshops. Because this is the easiest way to showcase your product/service. 

Social Media: Having followers on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin will help a lot. This is the best platform to connect and build a relationship with your right audience.

While you don’t wish to annoy them by sending a sales message, you can build brand awareness as well as relationship. 

Buy a lead list: You can buy contact list who would be willing to buy. This could be a bit expensive and often gives fewer results.  Google search for “mailing lists” and you would find many companies. Most businesses use this for sending direct mails.

STEP 3: Follow-Up and follow-up 

Many business owners hear “no”. And they give up easily. But 90% of sales are not made in the first attempt. They are usually made on the second or even a third contact. It can usually take more than five contacts to get that one sale. 

Have a non-annoying follow-up contact system like an email list or agreement calls. Keep track by having a proper CRM database. Make a calendar reminders to follow them up in case if they said no.