How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn

Written by Divya Sai|4 min read|

If you think having a Company page on Linkedin is a waste of your time then this article is for you.

Did you know that LinkedIn has an estimated user base of 562 Million? 

If you’re still questioning yourself if you should really have a page on LinkedIn then let me tell you some facts straight away. 

LinkedIn is all about connections, the people you know and the people they know. 

Do you know that LinkedIn is a top-rated social networking site for Lead Generation? 

There was a time when Linkedin was used for HR landing pages for brands, but now LinkedIn is all about career opportunities, different brands raising awareness regarding their products and many more things. So why stay behind in the race when you can win? 

Here are a few steps you should not be missing! 

1.Not a part of any LinkedIn group yet? 

If your LinkedIn Business page has become a graveyard its high time you should be doing something about your engagement on LinkedIn. 

The best advice anyone can ever give would be joining all the LinkedIn groups which are related to your niche and start taking part in the conversations.  

2. If your employees are not on LinkedIn what are they even doing? 

Just when you realize that your LinkedIn page is a graveyard another shocker comes and hits you that there are fewer people following your page and the sad part would be when your own employees don’t follow their company’s page. Some of them are pretty new to LinkedIn. This time let’s encourage our employees to create their LinkedIn profiles and add their workspace which directly makes them follow the company’s page. 

3.Engagement and only engagement 

Well, you’re finally having a page on LinkedIn with all your employees following you. But what’s next after this? It’s simple right, start posting relevant stuff which your target audience would like so that they can follow you. Posts should be timed accordingly as well. It should not be a random posting. Instead, all the posts timings should be recorded and should be analyzed which post did better and why it did better and at which time it did better and there you go you’ve actually realized when to post to get those engagements. 

But are we missing out on something? 

4. Hashtags

How can we even forget hashtags? Proper use of the right hashtags at the right time when people open their LinkedIn profiles would seal the deal. Make sure that the hashtags used are followed by a lot of people to maximize your exposure. 

5. Wait, did you complete your page?

Pages with complete and detailed information will land you 30% more engagement and view every single week. So what are you waiting for? If you didn’t fill out everything needed to be filled you should be doing that in the first place. 

6. Share things that matter 

Sharing content which is valuable is the best pick for you to get more followers on your plate. 

Did you know that LinkedIn even recommends your content according to your target audience? 

If this is something new for you then maybe you should try the content recommendations and see for yourself if the engagement is good.

7. Did I forget the community hashtags? 

This is the best way possible that you can create brand awareness for your product or service, it is by providing your community hashtags. If any person outside your community or followers is using that particular hashtag you can share your views and take part in the conversation. Make valuable comments so that people outside your community can follow you.

8. Invite people 

LinkedIn recently rolled out a feature called invite people, which is nothing but inviting your non-followers to follow your page. Which is actually an amazing feature. 

This one simple step becomes an easy way to get more followers as you can invite your friends to like and follow your LinkedIn page. 

9. Engage with followers 

Well, now that you’ve got your followers and you’ve started posting, what next? 

Try to give it back, try to engage with your followers on a regular basis.

10. Post on a regular basis 

Always remember once you start posting content regularly and keep your followers interested in the regular updates that you’re providing them, don’t stop. Because your followers will be waiting for your updates and if you are posting once in a blue moon then be sure that your followers will lose interest in your page and even unfollow it. Thus share content regularly.

Well, to conclude LinkedIn is a very important social media platform that can get us more Leads. If there’s any more information which I missed, do comment below.