Is it Good to Add Nofollow Link in Guest Post?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important factor for ranking. Everyone struggling to get their website to get on top of the search engine for organic traffic.

But for ranking on a search engine, there are many factors. One of those is link building it helps to increase your website authority. Google ranks those sites which have high authority.

In link building, the SEO experts try to get backlinks from various ways. So links are two types.

  1. Nofollow link
  2. Do follow link

A nofollow link has less authority when compared to follow the link. An effective way to get a backlink is guest posting. So every website owner has a doubt is it good to provide nofollow link or dofollow link to the guest writer. Read the article to know the answer.

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Digital Marketing

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Abdul Rehaman

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