The tools for the job – How I code frontend apps in 2020

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This is an exciting time to be a coder, especially a javascript one. Not only is the market large, the pay high, but our tooling has never been so powerful, allowing one to build apps and systems at a speed unprecedented. Long are gone the days of my teens trying to painfully hack together a site with PHP, Dreamweaver and some buggy javascript snippets pushed online with FTP. With a clean decoupling between the front and the back, the entry of major frameworks to allow declarative code and single-page applications, source control and pain-free deployment process, we are living a golden age of web coding. And this is especially true in Javascript, be it server-side or client-side: I can’t think of another ecosystem as steaming with ideas and changes as this one.

– Loup Topalian

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ReactWeb Development

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Omar Mohammad

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