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In the past few months, I have found myself writing a couple of scripts that need to carry out business needs; most of them include sending emails, generating pdf reports, sending notification you just name it. But here is the catch, managing these services on-premise could be one of the ways to go. Internal Business tools don’t require implementation on a scale, things get trickier when it is a user-facing service. Here’s where cloud functions shine. Cloud functions allow you to host your functions as a service; what I mean with that

the functions you write as part of the script can be executed alone. Each function is attached to an event which triggers the function to execute. Now you ask “How do I scale even?”, cloud function handles it like peanut butter ice-skate. You can specify the max number of instances

sit back and let google cloud handle it for you, want to trigger it with HTTP or pub/sub-event you choose, this what makes cloud functions awesome. To refer more please follow the link below

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