Simulation vs Reality in Marketing

Written by charlie|2 min read|

So you tell me that by watching youtube videos on how to learn swimming, you learnt swimming?

You learnt it so well on the land that you have the confidence to ace it when putting in a water body? How about travelling in a long flight flown by two pilots who have hands-on experience on just the simulator and never actually saw an aeroplane? Freaking scary, right?

No matter how much we try to simulate the real-world scenario, we will never be able to experience the exact same thing until that becomes a reality. After all, a car in simulation is shown giving an average of 25kmpl, but we know the reality.

The question here is,  are we not doing the same when it comes to marketing?

Learning some tools to get an idea about digital marketing instead of getting into the basics of marketing is the first instance where we go wrong. Digital marketing tools just help you analyze your marketing well. But for that to happen, you need to have a marketing strategy and for building a marketing strategy, one needs to have an idea about marketing.

Marketing starts with understanding the user. The more you understand your user, the more empathy you have, the better you will carve your strategies and the tools will give you data in a proper structure so that you can further strategize based on that data. Tools exist to make your life easier. On the other hand, depending totally on the tool reduces your efficiency.

There’s a thin line between relying on tools and efficient marketing.

That thin line is A2i marketing; A human brain constantly working behind all the data and figuring out what is important and what might not be important because let’s not forgotten that, “A machine built by humans can never be smarter than them”.

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