Blog Guidelines

  • Your content should be 100% original, error-free, plagiarism-free, unoffensive and non-abusive.
  • Images are required along with the submitted content.
  • Images must be in good quality and size should not be more than 600kb. Share your own image and copyright free.
  • Promotional content will NOT be accepted
  • If you are submitting a story or a blog post, the word count should be a minimum of 800+words.
  • Send your posts with having heading tags
  • Use short paragraphs sentences- about 3- 4 lines each paragraph.
  • You are allowed to place 1 no-follow link within your post. If you need more links please contact us.

Once you comply with all the above instructions, you can send us your Article or Content to the following email address:

Our expert panel team will review each entry and holds the right to rejection in case the submitted material doesn’t qualify as per the listed guidelines.

The Categories we accept are:

  • Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology
  • Web Designing
  • Web Development

Happy writing!!!

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