The Do’s and Don’ts of Facebook Advertisements

Written by Divya Sai|4 min read|

After Facebook started giving the businesses to pay and boost the post or page, Facebook marketing has become the number one choice of marketers to promote the brands and show their online presence. 

There are times when a few ads can fail, and few can perform exceptionally well. So, do you know what you should be doing for that perfect Ad? 

Well, if Facebook ads are a part of your marketing strategy, you should be sure that your ads are flawless. But don’t you think there’s always a scope to do better.

So what should you do? 


Don’t be, because here are a list of dos and don’ts you should be reading before creating your next Facebook Ad campaign. 

Let’s get started with the most important thing which you shouldn’t be doing for Facebook Ad, shall we? 

1. Never take mobile users for granted 

Well, my first advice for you would be that, if you didn’t check the insights of your facebook page, please do it now. 

Because it is shocking to see the mobile viewers for your page is more than three times of your desktop viewers. And thus whenever you create a Facebook Ad for your business, make sure that the mobile option is definitely enabled for the ad placements. And most importantly make sure that Not just that your landing page is responding properly as well. Because when a user lands on your page and sees no content they will obviously leave. Hence it becomes very important that your landing page is responding properly. 

2. Remember the Facebook rule 

Never forget that Facebook has a rule of 20%. which means an image ad would be rejected if the Ad is covering more than that of  20% of the space with text. And the thing is even if the Ad gets approved by any chance, the ad is destined to perform not that good. The reason is simple, viewers or followers do not prefer to put that much of an effort into reading what’s in the poster. The reason they’re on Facebook is only for entertainment purposes and not to analyze your elaborate ad. So, keep it simple, easy, and creative.

No cheating allowed 

Never, I repeat never deceive your viewers. As your viewers would be potential customers make sure you do not click-bait them. This is probably one of the main aspect of don’ts.  because once the trust is lost, you will have not have any idea how long will it take to build it back. And remember click-baiting Ads not only makes the customer pissed, but you can also get banned on Facebook.

Let’s see the Do’s now 

Know who your target audience is

Before even starting to work on an ad, it is important that you research who your target audience is and what all would they be interested in. Only, then you should proceed further with a creative Ad.

Just Imagine, The Ad you made would appeal to the millennials, but the problem is your target audience are the retired did you do the right thing? Will the Ad even work?

This is the reason why understanding your target audience becomes so important. 

call-to-action (CTA) 

A Clear and proper CTA explains the viewers at one single glance about the product you’re trying to promote. you only have just 25 characters for your headline and 90 characters for your description, so why to waste your precious characters and beat around the bush.


It becomes very important to set a budget and stand on it.

If the campaign isn’t what you expected it to be, it becomes very easy to spend a huge amount on it. However, it is important to make sure that there is the right balance of setting the limit to only the amount you can afford and gives you the expected reach. Finding the right balance is key.

Quality check

And here comes the most important one again, make sure that you ALWAYS take a good look at your Ad campaign before making it live. As we know how crucial social media has emerged these days, we would not want our audience to be commenting on the silly errors in our Ads right?

Thus it becomes important to check twice or thrice before making the Ad live.