Top Free PR Press Release Submission Sites List

Written by Abdul Rehaman|4 min read|

Before knowing the Press Release sites, You should know the importance of the Press release sites.

For any kind of latest information, event, new websites or service, companies, etc. A press release is used for awareness among the public. These sites will have high authority and more reach towards the audience. If the sites have very important content and readers have more trust on those sites then it is very beneficial to you if you publish your content in those sites. 

A press release is simple to publish but the conversion rate will be very difficult from those sites.

Follow the below steps to write the quality press release.

  • Make the profile on those websites. You should confirm your phone number to create an account in those sites.
  • Provide genuine and useful content in the press release.
  • Don’t publish the same content in all sites. Try to produce unique content and concept can be same in all the sites.
  • You should add your business details like company location, Logo, phone number, etc

The Press Releases also helps you to improve SEO. The links which you have posted in the sites will be considered as backlinks to your website. As those sites have high authority your SEO will be improved and helps you in ranking on google.

1. OpenPR

 Paid & Free

openPR was launched in April 2004. was relaunched in July 2005. 

OpenPR has a high domain authority and receives thousands of clicks every day. The number of subscribers is also more It will send daily newsletters to the users. 

So openPR is a good choice for reaching more number of decision-makers in companies, which makes an interesting platform for your communication for your business or service. You can also publish articles in the openPR and your article will be visible on the google news after the approval of the openPR editors.

I usually do a press release in openPR on behalf of my company. We were getting sessions from the press release. If you have paid you will get more sessions and leads from this channel.

2. PRlog

Paid & Free 

This press release also has high domain authority and thousands of subscribers. This press release is useful for a specific location. If you are running a local business then this site really good choice.


Free & Paid

In this press release can be done for the following

  • Job opportunities
  • Newsletters
  • Product and services

I suggest above three sites are the best Press Release which has more reach and the following are the other sites where you can also do a free posting.

1PR urgent
3Market press release
4Online PR media
5Press release online
6Free Press Release
9Express Press Release
12Press Release Ping
14PR free

There are many other free press release sites but these are the top and the best pr sites which allow free press release through their channel.

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Which PR is better: Paid or Free Press Release Sites  

All the sites in the list accept both paid and free depending on your requirement choose the plan.

  • Free press release sites allow only plain text content rather than rich text format
  • Paid press release sites allow rich format text, images and video in the content.
  • Free press release sites provide nofollow backlink to your website.
  • Paid press release sites provide dofollow backlink to your website.


In the above information is about the free pr sites where you can publish your content for free. These sites have more reach when compared to other free sites. If you think any other sites which should be included in the list please mention in the comments.