How do I change my password?
We made it simple for you, log in to your account and visit the profile. Find a password change option to have your password changed. Apart from this you always have forgotten the password to guide the password change link to your mail. Kudos
I can't log in to LeadMirror. I need Help!
We always got your back, below are the cases where you cannot log in to your account. 1. Your account is disabled from our database. Send us a mail to sales@leadmirror.com to invoke your account 2. The user id or password is incorrect. Use forgot the password or send us an mail to help you out. 3. Server Maintenance. We are constantly trying to improve your experience inside the tool and add more needful features.
How is Competitor's drop down is useful?
Ever wonder how you can understand your competitor strategy or understand the competitor data? Well, now you can simulate your competitor approach and anticipate what your competitors are planning to do.

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