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#WFH Pack

For early-stage businesses and starters trying to get hold of SEO/ digital marketing

Users 1
Organic Search Analysis - 50 keywords
Page SEO Audit
Detailed Meta Breakdown - 25 URLs
LinkSense - 10 URLs
5000 Backlink Queries
A2i Hours - 2
Analytics - Realtime Page Analytics
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For scaling startups/businesses, who have 100-500 products and looking for good quality website traffic

Users - 3
Organic Search Analysis : 500 Keywords
Page SEO Audit
Detailed Meta Breakdown - 150 URLs
LinkSense - 50 URLs
25000 Backlink Queries
A2i Hours - 3
Analytics - Realtime Page Analytics
No credit card needed!


For power users, e-commerce and established online business, who are dealing with aggressive marketing for over 1000 products

Users - 5
Organic Search Position - 1500 Keywords
Page SEO Audit
Detailed Meta Breakdown : 300 URLs
Link Sense - 100 URLs
75000 Backlink Queries
A2i Hours - 10
Analytics - Realtime Page Analytics
No credit card needed!


For market players and larger companies, who is looking to manage multiple product campaigns effectively at one place

Users - 20
Organic Search Position - 10000 Keywords
Page SEO Audit
Detailed Meta Breakdown - 5000 URLs
Link Sense - 1000 URLs
500000 Backlink Queries
A2i Hours - 100
Analytics - Realtime Page Analytics
No credit card needed!

Detailed Breakdown of all plans

User Access 135
Project Manager510Unlimited
Campaign BuilderUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Keyword Searches/ Day505001500
Dynamic Visual Delta
Competitors Tracked161616
3D Search Query Analysis
One Tap Data Export
Location Specific Rankings *
Keyword GroupsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Top 100 SERP results/ query
Rank Update Frequency1/day1/day2/day
Rank Analyis for multiple Search Engines
Competitor Marketing Perspective
Search Query Ideas and ForecastBasicStandardDedicated
URL On Page Meta Check/ Day25150300
360 Webpage DOM Audits/ DayUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Search Engine Indexing Status
Off Page Backlink Analysis/ Month1050100
Linkbuilding Ideas/ URL100500500
Expert growth hacker insights *
A2i Hours 21040
Page Analytics
Quick Integration Support
Data Push Notifications
Semantic Keyword Planner *

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you accept funds from a different source or account?
Yes, we can receive funds from an account in a different name to yours, but we will need to verify the source. Please contact us for more details.
Do you charge extra fees for payments or wire transfers?
That's an easy answer: No, we don't charge fees when you make a personal transfer with us. For our business clients though, there are fees but we agree on a fee structure that reflects how much business we do together. Sometimes the banks in the middle and at the end will take a charge, so it seems that not all the money has been sent but we try our best to make sure all your money gets to where it needs to by covering correspondent and receiving charges where we can.
What does starred features means?
All the starred features will be given as insights with part of A2i Hours
What type of payments do we support?
For monthly and recurring payments, we support all major debit, credit cards, and Paypal. For yearly payments, we accept payments via PayPal, all major credit cards, and wire transfer.
How do I setup my account?
Setting up an account takes <1 minute, We have made it easier for you So that you right away dive into the ocean of A2i insights.
Do I abide to any policy?
LeadMirror is built with pure qualitative algorithms and AI-engines. So, we make sure that your data privacy is secure with us and to maintain goodwill you will by default agree to our policy and agreement while you are subscribing to our services.

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